Therapy with me

I offer an understanding, accepting approach.  


 Gaining greater insight, understanding into yourself, the way you think, feel and interact and the things that have happened to you and the impact this may have had is all part and parcel of the therapy journey.

There are many reasons for coming to therapy, the following list is not exhaustive.

You may be experiencing or have experienced:


 -a relationship difficulty



-issues at work or family dynamics.  








-worries about your health, family, work, finances, future.

-post traumatic stress

-general stress


-Self-esteem, self-image

-loss of direction

When stressful situations and life events occur, being able to unburden your thoughts and feelings can be an immensely relieving experience and will enable you to see your problems from a different and new perspective.

You may wish to come for just a few sessions or you may wish to enter long-term therapy, for which I offer both.