Privacy and GDPR

Your privacy is taken seriously, as such all therapy and handling of data provided upholds confidentiality in accordance with current data protection regulations. I am ICO registered.


The following explains how I collect and store your information. The following details my Privacy and GDPR policy.




Information provided by you. 

My email service is encrypted and you will only be asked to provide minimal information about yourself when communicating with me via email.



Data storage. 

The above from email contact will be within my encrypted email service initially then printed off and placed into a locked filing cabinet and held securely in my home office.  Then your email will be deleted to further protect your privacy. On paper data collected by myself from first appointment and thereafter and relating to you will be held in a locked filing cabinet in my home office. I separate your personal details from your session notes.  Your session notes are always very minimal and only ever with a first name used to further protect your privacy. Data may be stored in the following ways: 

Website: By clicking on my email address, you agree to collection of your name, email address and any other details you choose to enter being held.


I am bound by my insurance to keep all records for 8 years.  They will then be shredded.



How Your Personal Information May Be Processed or shared 



Every month I have supervision. As a Psychotherapist I have supervision to ensure that I am working safely, effectively and within the guidelines of my governing body. During my supervision sessions, you will be referred to by first name only, and will not be identifiable. My supervisor will not hold any  of your personally identifying information. 


If I have reason to believe that you may be at risk of harm I may - with your consent - contact an appropriate professional to support you (for example, your GP). If I have reason to believe that you may be at risk of immediate harm to yourself or others, or if you have disclosed your intention to commit a major crime (for example, terrorism or money laundering), it is my legal obligation to inform the relevant authorities, and I can do so without your consent or knowledge. 


My Therapeutic Will

Your name and contact details will be shared with my therapeutic executor (my supervisor) in the event of my death or incapacitation whilst we are still working together, you will be contacted and informed of this and signposted to alternative services. 


The Rights you have

You have the following rights under GDPR legislation:

To be informed of what information is held about you (this document)

To request to have access to the information I hold about you, free of charge for the first request.

To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete information held about you

To withdraw consent to me using your personal information

To request that your personal information is erased (though this request can be denied if this information is required in order to meet my legal and professional obligations)


By proceeding with a Psychotherapy/Counselling, you agree to the terms above.