Easy To Talk To

 I became aware I often talked about others to avoid talking about myself. Thus we worked on why this was. I  realised I didn't feel comfortable talking about myself in groups. It reminded me of being criticised and judged when I was younger by my family. I thought I had gotten over this feeling of being criticised rather than being supported or soothed by my family. 


 Sara was easy to talk to – helped me notice how little I use the word ‘I’ refer more to ‘You’ and ‘Other’ etc., also helped me to reflect more in the moment rather than just after an event. And tips on how to self soothe when starting to get anxious and doubting myself.

A 5 Star Experience

I was extremely anxious about attending counselling, the feeling that I would be judged for things I said. Sara immediately put me at ease, guiding me gently through our sessions together, helping me stay with some really difficult, painful feelings.  I would go back to see Sara again if needed in the future after this positive experience. She gets 5 Stars from me.

Feeling Understood

Amazing to be able to talk to someone and feel completely understood and that someone really gets me.




Sara is brilliant.  I find it amazing how deep therapy goes and this  helps me to work out my thoughts.


I used to arrive to my session with my shoulders up to my ears with stress, then by the end they had completely relaxed...the relief.

It Works

I would try a technique given to me by Sara between sessions and be apprehensive but it worked, it really did.  Where it used to take me an entire day to get out of a bad place now it's so much quicker.