Internet Security and Confidentiality for video conferencing appointments.


Please do ensure you have good quality internet security on your devices that you intend to use, and check your device is either fully charged or plugged in to ensure your appointment is uninterrupted. 

The VSee platform I use is recognised by the BACP as one of the safest.  

VSee is designed to be secure from the start. It uses open industry standard, FIPS 140-2 compliant 256-bit AES encryption on all control and media traffic. Everything is always encrypted. This means only the people in the conversation can decrypt data passed through VSee.


Prior to securing an appointment you will be asked questions to ensure suitability for online therapy.  Appointments are for a duration of 50 minutes.  Payment is taken at time of booking and is non-refundable unless 24hrs cancellation notice is given.


You will be sent a secure VSee clinic invitation link by myself to your email address.  Just click on the link which will take you to my secure virtual waiting room.  Skype and FaceTime are also available.


Please ensure you have your webcam and sound on so we can communicate.  This works on Mac, Laptop, desktop and iPhone.

Please do ensure you are prompt for your appointment time and ensure you are in a quiet room alone where you will not be disturbed for the duration of your appointment.  


You may wish to be prepared and have a drink and some tissues by your side to avoid the need to get up and interrupt the flow of your appointment should these items be required whilst in session.


Confidentiality and the limits to confidentiality. 

Whilst therapy is confidential, there are limits to this.  As a Psychotherapist I do discuss my client caseload in supervision, however this is only on a first name basis.


If there is serious risk of harm to yourself or another then confidentiality may be breeched for your or another person's protection.  


In instances of crime, or terrorism then confidentiality will be broken. 


By commencing therapy via my VSee Clinic, Skype or FaceTime you agree to having read, understood and will abide to the following terms and conditions: recording the appointment is not permitted.  VSee Clinic is extremely safe, however you understand that complete confidentiality using an online platform can never be guaranteed.  Skype and FaceTime are still encrypted but considered less secure.