What to expect at Your First Appointment


You can expect me to put you at ease and talk to you about your reasons for coming and what you feel you might like to work on in therapy and discuss etc in a non-judgemental environment.  


A first session with me is a full hour and covers information gathering and history taking, and is also a real chance for you to engage in a therapy session which enables you to get an idea of me and how I practice.  


Skilful questioning uncovers new awareness, feelings and thoughts and helps you to discover what you would like to work on.  I practise using a combination of Transactional Analysis techniques, Person Centred Theory and Psycho-Education.  Good therapy is a process and building trust with a new therapist takes time.  You will not be encouraged into too much depth too soon, however challenge is part of a robust and effective therapy journey. 

Coming to therapy on a once weekly basis is recommended for the work to hold a cohesive quality and to move at a reasonable pace.

It is important to understand that therapy is not a magic wand but a journey and requires commitment.  Therapy is not something that is done to you but a collaborative, authentic, process, that requires personal engagement.